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Located just blocks from Canada's business centre and part of the University of Toronto, the Rotman School is ideally positioned to help you connect with top employers and take the first steps toward a fulfilling career. Find out how the Rotman MBA can benefit you and your professional growth.

Which MBA program will best serve your long-term career goals?

If you are seeking an immersive MBA experience that will deeply transform your personal and professional potential and yield superior returns throughout your entire career, consider the Rotman MBA. The Full-Time MBA program combines 16 months of intense academic study with an opportunity for a paid internship during one of three 4-month periods during your second year: Summer (May-August), Fall (September-December), or Winter (January-April). Triple your network through interaction with outgoing and incoming classes, and prepare for a global career by taking a semester aboard at one of our 26 partner schools.

“Attending the Rotman School has encouraged me to dream big. My career is on a path that I never thought possible.”

—Renée Galati, MBA

Flexible Internships

The innovative flexible internship program expands your core academic learning with practical career experience and professional reflection under the guidance of our world-class faculty. The opportunity for an internship is cited by many Rotman students as a career-changing experience and a key factor in their professional success. You will gain exclusive access to opportunities from top employers and global recruiters that are only available to Rotman MBA students.

The program allows you to test a new industry or function, and make invaluable career connections, while gaining real-world work experience on your schedule. Many MBA employers formally use internships as a key talent funnel to full-time offers. It's another way that the Rotman MBA program gives you the strongest possible launch pad for your post-MBA career. 

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