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Global Executive MBA for Healthcare and the Life Sciences program overview

The program brings together professionals from across the full healthcare and life sciences value chain. Gain the broad perspective and integrative expertise you need to reshape your own organization and create patient value.

The Rotman Global Executive MBA for Healthcare and the Life Sciences program is an intensive 15-month journey that immerses you in key healthcare clusters around the world.

With modules in 3 cities — Toronto, Singapore and London —  you will gain the knowledge and skills you and your organization need to succeed from leading faculty and sector leaders around the world.

"The challenge lies in finding new payment models, innovating across delivery models, and learning from the global knowledge of industries within and outside of healthcare. When you put these things together, the results are magic."

— Dante Morra, Chief of Staff, Trillium Health Partners

And while you explore current and future best practices globally, we’ll guide you through an in-depth assessment of your own capabilities to help you become a more impactful leader.

Key features

Program Structure

The Rotman Global EMBA for Healthcare and the Life Sciences program begins with a first module in Toronto at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.

Over the 15 months of the program, students will partake in 23 courses structure in five modules, supplemented with online learning in a blended model. 


15 months | 5 terms *

The schedule has been designed for personal and professional flexibility. The content will be delivered using a hybrid delivery model that weaves together in-class and on-site learning, with online synchronous classes on Saturdays. Approximately 50 percent of sessions will be conducted face-to-face in the classroom and in the field.

Module 1
Toronto   Winter 2025
January 13 - January 19, 2025
Module 2 Toronto
Spring 2025
April 27 - May 3, 2025
Summer 2025 August 10 - September 6, 2025
Module 3 London, UK Fall 2025 September 7 - September 15, 2025
Module 4
Winter 2025 December 7 - December 13, 2025
Module 5 Toronto Winter 2026 March 9 - March 15, 2025

* Locations and dates subject to change

Check out more details about schedules and courses to give you a better sense of what you'll learn.

The globally-oriented program emphasizes the best of health systems and business, leading strategic change, data-driven decision-making, and entrepreneurship and innovation. Faculty draw on research, industry examples, case studies, and guests from Canada and around the world to enhance the learning experience. Each module of the program involves on-site experiences with firms and organizations that are leading healthcare and life sciences innovation in multiple countries.

Introducing Rotman's Global Executive MBA for Healthcare and the Life Sciences

Toronto - Singapore - San Francisco; Introducing the 18-month Global Executive MBA for Healthcare and the Life Sciences

Key Facts


  • 15 months


  • Toronto
  • Singapore
  • London, UK


Blended learning with five residencies:

  • Two in Toronto
  • One in each of the other locations

Who should apply

  • Professionals from industry, care providers, service delivery organizations, consulting firms, public agencies, the sciences and payers in the healthcare and life sciences sectors around the world.

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