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June: Looking back at the MFRM program - Shamarthi, MFRM Class of 2022

The MFRM program has been the passport for me to explore the world of finance and risk management. Having come from an economics background and lacking the knowledge for finance and coding was a struggle initially. Often, I felt left behind in class. However, the more I communicated with my fellow classmates and alumni, the more I realized that the class consists of people from diverse academic backgrounds with a whirlpool of skillsets. While one of my fellow teammates was a coding genius, the other was a pro at valuing companies. I had to learn to understand that I also was a value-add as a person with a heavy economics background or better presentation.

Specialized programs like the MFRM are designed to accommodate a real-life job scenario in classrooms where people of all backgrounds come together, share their knowledge, and grow together.

Other than the conventional knowledge, Rotman as a world-class business school has a lot to offer. Taking full advantage of the opportunities presented is solely our responsibility. At one point during the program, I let my classes take the back seat while I participated in case competitions sponsored by the big Canadian banks. I met incredible people from different programs. In one of the case competitions sponsored by the RBC Mergers & Acquisitions team, my partner was from the MBA program. Although we didn’t end up winning, we were the runner-up. I am proud to say that I learnt a great deal from my partner and other participants.

To get more bang for one's buck in these specialized programs, I recommend taking on as much as you can. Sometimes, the goal is not to ace it all, but to explore and enhance your knowledge and outlook.

Lastly, the most important skill I’ve learnt to appreciate after this program is the power of communication. One could be an absolute genius but if they can’t communicate their genius, then their brilliance is a waste. Being eloquent and having great writing skills is a must in any field and finance is no different. The MFRM program is designed to have many presentations to enhance public speech and it also has plenty of written assignments where extremely technical terms are to be presented in layman language. Moreover, working in teams and adjusting for each personality in the team is a great lesson from the program. 

By the end of the program, my fellow classmates truly became a family supporting each other to prepare for job interviews, get through the program, and strengthen each other’s personal lives. The connection and camaraderie I built with my classmates in the MFRM program is unparalleled. Not just the students, but professors, program coordinators and the recruitment and admissions team all came together to be a great support system with whom I hope to keep in touch for years to come.

The Master of Financial Risk Management is a full-time program designed to prepare ambitious young professionals for careers in risk management and finance.


The Master of Financial Risk Management is a full-time program designed to prepare ambitious young professionals for careers in risk management and finance.

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