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Anamika, MMA Class of 2024

Quick info:

  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Class of 2024
  • Previous education: 
    • Engineering BACHELORS OF TECHNOLOGY, Information Technology, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, 2021

Why did you decide to join the Master of Management Analytics program?

I have been fortunate to discover my passion through my undergrad studies and work, and I wanted to deep dive into the domain and take up a Masters program in Management Analytics to satiate my curiosity. I was eager to delve deeper into advanced mathematical methods for understanding data. I now want to develop a solid academic and practical ML/AI background while simultaneously widening my business viewpoint. As an international student, I believe that global exposure is also a requisite to succeed and the Masters program is a catalyst in my growth and would help me craft a successful professional journey.  

My academic and professional background, coupled with the rapid advancements in the industry, intensified my desire to pursue a Master’s in Management Analytics. Specializing in data science would enable me to hone my skills further & craft a vertical career progression, and MMA seemed the right choice for the same. The MMA program at the University of Toronto fits me perfectly. I wanted to be at the forefront of technology and business & have a positive impact on society. 

Top Reason(s) for choosing Rotman:

Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto stands out as a premier institution for international students for several compelling reasons. It consistently secures a position among the world's top universities and proudly sits at the pinnacle in Canada. Its global reputation for outstanding research is underpinned by its affiliation with Nobel laureates, Rhodes Scholars, and Turing Award recipients. Moreover, U of T celebrates a rich tapestry of cultural diversity, accommodating students from over 150 nations and extending robust student support services. Beyond academics, the university offers an array of extracurricular activities, situated in the vibrant downtown Toronto, ensuring international students immerse themselves in the city's cultural and recreational offerings. This has solidified its stature as a prime choice for international students. 

The University of Toronto is revered for its state-of-the-art infrastructure, distinguished faculty, and vast research avenues. I am poised to tap into every resource and connection available in Toronto to maximize the program's benefits. I am also excited about the prospect of personal growth, mentored by committed guides who will shape my academic and innovative pursuits. A pivotal aspect that drew me towards Rotman is its dedicated alumni network, always ready to support. Engaging with several alumni had enlightened me about the university's commitment to fostering diverse cultures and initiatives geared towards student well-being. Ultimately, my goal is to hone my technical skills, engage with global peers, and emerge as a more rounded individual upon graduation.   

What are you looking forward to the most in the program?

The chance to interact with industry experts and leaders through guest lectures and workshops is thrilling, as it offers a deep dive into the current trends and future trajectories of the field. Personal growth and skill development, cultivated by the program's holistic approach, is something I'm genuinely passionate about. I am looking forward to engaging with a diverse group of peers from different cultural and professional backgrounds. I'm keen on the workshops and hands-on labs, anticipating they will be instrumental in translating classroom learnings into actionable insights.  

What do you expect to gain in your next 11 months at Rotman?

Canada has emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of analytics, evidenced by the escalating number of professionals specializing in this field. By 2025, the Canadian analytics industry is projected to witness significant growth. This underscores the escalating demand for adept professionals in this domain. A master's in management analytics in Canada is strategically aligned to cater to this demand. Initiatives have been rolled out, such as public-private endeavors aimed at fostering a robust analytics ecosystem within the nation. This includes cultivating an expansive talent base specializing in analytics, championing the establishment of analytics-centric excellence centers, and mobilizing resources and investments towards innovative analytics projects. Additionally, myriad private-sector initiatives are propelling the growth of analytics in Canada, such as the inception of analytics training institutes, analytics-centric incubation hubs, and endorsing start-ups driven by data analytics. The horizon for a master's in management analytics in Canada appears bright and promising. 

Collaborating with visionaries who have revolutionized technological advancements in Canada would be an invigorating experience. Immersing in such an environment would be a profound learning opportunity. In the long run, post assimilating substantial expertise and cultivating a vast network, I envision establishing a company with a cadre of innovative minds, fostering innovation and originality. Canada's vibrant start-up ecosystem offers a conducive environment to showcase my endeavors to a broad audience, facilitating sustainable funding. This would pave the way for me to actualize my aspiration of making meaningful contributions to society. Alongside these professional aspirations, studying amidst a culturally diverse cohort at the University of Toronto will foster my personal growth and holistic development, expanding my worldview and enhancing my interpersonal skills. 


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