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About Me: Sherry, MEMBA Class of 2023

Quick Info

  • Name: Qianru (Sherry)
  • Graduate Year: 2023
  • Morning or Evening MBA: Morning MBA

Why did you decide to join Rotman?

I am currently working as a senior actuarial analyst in the insurance industry and hoping to get a management position. I think Rotman will be the right choice. Besides, I am working on my real estate license, so it would be an excellent opportunity to know more people.

What is your career aspiration? 

I didn’t think too much about how MBA will benefit my career before entering the program, mostly because an actuary has a very narrowly and clearly defined career path. Most people start from analyst then advance to a manager position and finally senior management position. Rotman broadens my sights. After joining Rotman, I get exposed to many ideas. Now I am thinking of starting something fresh after gaining more experience in the industry, for example, an insurtech startup company.

What are you enjoying about the program? 

Everyone in the program is very friendly and helpful. You always get the opportunity to talk to people from different backgrounds. Either you want to do a career change, there are consultants in the career center ready to help you, and you can attend many webinars and talk to panelists with many years of experience. Or you could enter the program without a specific goal at the beginning but discover more exciting ideas and aspirations during the program.

What is the experience in the cohort? 

The only problem is everything is online at this moment, so we don’t have enough chance to talk to each other in person. I hope this will get better soon. But some classmates in the cohort are very active. They put everything in order on Discord, and remind us of upcoming events. I really appreciate their effort and time.

Have you been able to take advantage of extracurricular activities at Rotman - CDL, clubs, case competitions?

They are so many activities going on, but I just don’t have enough time to participate in everything. You will have the opportunity to join the clubs, become a club rep, and attend those case competitions that you find interesting. I definitely will attend the CDL program in the senior years and possibly a study tour.

Share a networking experience you have had at the Rotman School, what benefits did you derive?

Currently mostly network happens online, we connect with each other through LinkedIn, do team group work, and some small group gatherings. I feel like-minded classmates are the most precious benefits we get through Rotman. We never stop bettering ourselves.

Anything else you would like to share? 

You don’t only need an MBA when you want to make a career change. Some people around me said MBA is not necessary for my career advancement as an actuary. Some people said it’s too academia. But you don’t have to listen to everyone. MBA can inspire many of your ideas as long as you don’t want to limit yourself to your current position.

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