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Headshot Brooke Biasco

Brooke Biscoe, MFin '21

  • Job title: Credit Analyst
  • Previous education: BComm, University of British Columbia
  • Other designations: CFA

What is your current job and what role does it play within the finance industry?

currently work as a Credit Analyst at Foyston, Gordon & Payne. I am responsible for making investment recommendations that service the needs of our clients while protecting their principal.

Why did you decide to study the MFin program?

I originally decided to apply to the MFin program because I was interested in further developing my knowledge of the capital markets. I was looking for a program with a comprehensive curriculum that was more focused on finance and that could be completed while I continued to work. I was also looking to get a technical expertise in a number of areas that program focuses on including derivatives and their applications, risk management and how AI/machine learning can be applied in financial markets. 

What is your top reason for choosing Rotman?

I chose Rotman because of the school’s excellent reputation, the caliber of its faculty and academic opportunities, as well as its location - Toronto being where I reside and work.

Any goals coming into the program that have already accomplished? Have you been able to hone in on new skills and apply them to your workplace?

Coming into the program, wanted to get a greater understanding of the different areas of the capital markets that I had not previously had the chance to work in. Throughout the program I was exposed to opinions and ideas that helped to change my perspective on markets.

"I was able to implement some of the financial statement techniques that I learned about when analyzing businesseswhich allowed me to make better investment decisions."

How are you finding Rotman’s community? 

Rotman’s community is extremely welcoming, and my peers and I had a keen interest to get involved. There are numerous opportunities for students to get involved in at Rotman. I participated in the Creative Destruction Lab course. This was one the of the most fascinating extracurricular experienceI had the opportunity to take part in. This program gave me a unique opportunity to meet and work with individuals from other programs that I would have not met otherwise. Being able to be a part of this diverse and highly driven community was a highlight of my time at Rotman

What has been a highlight of your Rotman experience?

One of the many highlights of the program was its engaging nature and everyone’s participation. I was able to actively discuss with classmates and professors on topics that would lead to debate or reflections on real-life applications and decisions.

Has the Rotman and the MFin program met your expectations?

The program has greatly exceeded my expectations by providing me with comprehensive, relevant, and applicable education and technical expertise. More specifically, the program has exposed me to new ideas which has changed my perspective on markets.

"I came into the program looking to get an edge to make me more competitive and the program has given me that."

How has the program changed you?

The program has broadened my perspective and made me a more holistic thinker. It has given me a new outlook on the capital markets. Beyond the theory and knowledge, it has reinforced the meaning and importance of community. I can even more so now recognize the impact of involvement and engagement. 

What makes your graduating year special?

The graduates of 2021 represent a group of strong individuals who are very supportive of one another and attentive to each other. Our class is cohesive and engaged. I truly believe that we will continue to stay close long after the program has ended. 

"I know that for many of us our paths will cross professionally and that this program will always serve as a shared experience that we can reminiscence on."

Any final thoughts or advice to future students?

I would encourage any future students to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the program. Do not hesitate to be curious, work hard and enjoy your time at Rotman.


This post was written while Brooke was a student in the program.

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