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The Rotman PhD in OBHRM: Dissertations

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The dissertation is a PhD student's final step in completing the doctoral program in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management. A cumultation of course work and research, the dissertation is a student's original contribution to their field of study.

Through the doctoral seminars, working with faculty on research projects, and on their own research project, the students develop their ideas about a dissertation topic. This is developed into a formal proposal that is explained in a formal presentation to the faculty prior to its initiation.

The dissertation should constitute a significant contribution to knowledge in the field. The student will be guided in this thesis research by a primary advisor and a committee. The committee is composed of three members of the Graduate Faculty; one of these members acts as chair of the Dissertation Committee. Before carrying out research for the dissertation, the doctoral candidate must obtain approval for the project from the faculty members in the area. A proposal is presented by the candidate in a seminar open to all faculty and doctoral students. Immediately following this seminar, the faculty members will vote on the acceptability of the proposed research. The student is advised to consult closely with the chair and other members of the Dissertation Committee during the preparation of the dissertation proposal and the conduct of the research.

When an acceptable thesis is presented by the candidate to the faculty, the chair and the Director of the Doctoral Program will arrange for the School of Graduate Studies to convene an examining committee to judge the acceptability of the dissertation. This committee consists of members of the Faculty, at least one faculty member from another department of the university, and at least one faculty member from another university.