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Centre for Real Estate and Urban Economics

Addressing the fundamental issues in real estate and urban economics

The Centre supports the creation and dissemination of knowledge in real estate and urban economics. A range of issues are considered in ongoing research, including housing markets, real estate agency, commercial real estate, agglomeration economies, industry clusters, and gentrification.

City of Toronto

The Centre for Real Estate and Urban Economics (CRE) supports research and education in real estate and urban economics at the University of Toronto. Although the CRE is located within the Rotman School of Management, its activities involve scholars across the University of Toronto and around the world.

CRE-affiliated research spans the fields of urban economics and real estate. Recent CRE research has considered:  the economics of cities, the formation of business clusters, the economics of business improvement districts/areas, investment under uncertainty, real estate development, house price dynamics, housing search, real estate agency, and mortgage finance.

The CRE has sponsored academic conferences dealing with the microstructure of real estate markets and with the state-of-the-art in real estate and urban economics research. Some of these events have been jointly held with the Sauder School of Business at UBC.

The insights from this academic research are central to CRE’s public events.  These have dealt with topics such as Union Station, waterfront revitalization, and the decision to own or buy a house.

The Director of CRE is Professor William Strange.