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Institute for International Business

The Institute brings the research expertise of Rotman School faculty to the economic policy debate. By promoting interactions between researchers and policy advisers in government, the Institute ensures a two-way flow of ideas.

The IIB supports and promotes economic research on international and competition policy issues. The list of research promoted by the Institute, along with research digests written for policy makers, is available on the Research page.

Global Manager Initiative

The Institute for International Business is introducing the Global Manager Initiative (GMI) – a comprehensive and dynamic initiative designed to equip aspiring managers with the skills, knowledge, and mindset required to succeed in the complex and interconnected world of international business.

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Research Highlights

Everybody’s Business 

How to Ensure Canadian Prosperity Through the Twenty-First Century

By: Dany H. Assaf, Walid Hejazi and Joe Manget

“Innovation needs to be a concerted effort among industry, government, and academia.” This is what Dany AssafWalid Hejazi and Joe Manget write in their book “Everybody's Business: How to Ensure Canadian Prosperity Through the Twenty-First Century”.  Canada has a proud history of political, social and economic progress, but is falling behind in many key aspects. The authors remind us that it is up to each one of us to forge the path forward by leveraging the power of technology, investing in entrepreneurship and innovation and breaking down barriers.

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Professor Bernardo Blum

Director of the Institute for International Business

Associate Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy

Our vision is to create a global hub for policy makers and the business community. If you are a policy maker and would like to collaborate with the Institute, please contact professor Bernardo Blum.

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