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At Rotman, our students are our key strength. Our classes are comprised of globe trotters, professional athletes and emerging leaders. Rotman students come from all over the world and they aren’t afraid to make bold career moves, start new businesses or take on leadership positions at prominent firms. In some cases, they’re juggling family responsibilities and pursuing causes they care about. Learn more about our students.

The business of space is exploding. NASA Ames’s deputy chief of spaceflight on why he needs an MBA to keep up

August 02, 2022
For David Mauro (GEMBA '23), deputy chief of the spaceflight division at NASA Ames Research Center, returning to school for an MBA was neces...
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The value of gaining a global perspective on sustainability and strategy through the Global Executive MBA program

April 22, 2022
With her recent job switch, Diana Nguyen (Global Executive MBA ’23) traded in her office wear for a safety vest and goggles. Diana Ng...
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Learning from global healthcare systems to improve patient care, digital solutions and hospital infrastructure

March 28, 2022
This group of global healthcare leaders have dusted off their passports. In early March 2022, the soon-to-graduates in the Global Executive ...
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Yalda Riahi (EMBA ‘22) on balancing career and family while pursuing an executive education

January 17, 2022
“How do you do it all?” That’s a question Yalda Riahi (Executive MBA ‘22) hears often. Yalda Riahi (Executive MBA &...
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Meet the GEMBA '20 grad who is introducing the world to the Africa he knows

January 22, 2021
Most students pursue the Global Executive MBA for the opportunity to travel the world and grow their international network, but Tapfuma Muse...
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How tapping into the HLS Leadership Network unlocked new insights and opportunities for this GEMBA-HLS ‘20 grad

September 02, 2020
Pierre Côte (GEMBA-HLS '20) has graduated from the Global Executive MBA for Healthcare and the Life Sciences (GEMBA-HLS) program, but his da...
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