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Q&A with Shruti Sood, MFin ‘24

Why did you select Rotman MFin program? 

I selected the Rotman MFin program for a multitude of reasons, all of which contributed to the decision-making process as I sought to further my education and career in finance. First and foremost, the legacy of Rotman School of Management is well-known and highly respected within the industry. As an institution with a strong global reputation, it carries a certain brand name that is instantly recognizable and highly valued by employers, making it an obvious choice for someone looking to build a successful career in finance in Canada.  

Additionally, the strong alumni network and support system were major factors in my decision. With a vast array of accomplished professionals who have graduated from the program, I knew that I would have access to invaluable connections, advice, and opportunities. Furthermore, the distinguished professors at Rotman including Professor Laurence Booth, R Ramy Elitzur, Sergei Davydenko, are known for their expertise and cutting-edge research, which ensures that the curriculum remains relevant and applicable to real-world scenarios. Also, learning from industry experts including Ralph Tassone is an experience in itself. By learning from these experienced educators, I was confident that I would be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in my field.  

How is the program structured, and what is the workload like?  

While the Rotman MFin program is undoubtedly challenging and requires dedication and perseverance, it is every bit worth the effort… As one of the top-rated programs globally, it is designed to challenge students constantly and hence students are expected to put in consistent and sincere efforts to keep pace with the course's momentum. This includes not only attending lectures and completing assignments but also engaging in group projects and staying updated with the latest industry developments. For those who are working, balancing the academic workload with their professional commitments can be demanding. Hence, I would strongly recommend that upcoming MFin students focus on honing their time management skills, as this ability will prove invaluable throughout their time in the program.  

What are the most challenging and rewarding aspects of the MFin program? 

The most rewarding aspect of the MFin program, in my experience, has been the ability to connect the finance concepts taught in the classroom with real-world events and situations, both at work and outside of it. As I progress through the program, I find myself increasingly able to apply the knowledge I've gained to better understand and interpret financial news and economic events happening around me. This enhanced understanding not only adds value to my personal development but also enables me to deliver more insightful work in my professional life.  

Being in a demanding filed like Consulting, I particularly find time management to be little challenging. While it may be initially challenging to balance work, studies, and personal life, one learns to adapt and manage their time effectively as they progress through the program by seeing how other classmates are managing their time. This acquired skill, then becomes a life-long asset to ensure that we can maintaining a healthy work-life balance further in our career too. 

Has the Rotman MFin program met your expectations? 

Yes, the Rotman MFin program has not only met my expectations but has, in fact, exceeded them. I am delighted to see how much the program has to offer beyond just academics. While the curriculum and faculty have provided me with a strong foundation in finance, the program also emphasizes on professional development, leadership, networking opportunities, and skill-building through multiple industry events, providing a well-rounded overall experience. The most notable of all is the LEADS event which gets you mentorship from the who’s who in the Canadian finance sector, offering you support & guidance through your MFin and beyond. 

How are you finding Rotman’s community? 

I have found the Rotman community to be incredibly welcoming, diverse, and supportive. The students, faculty, and staff all contribute to a collaborative and inclusive environment helping each individual to grow and feel belonged. 

My batch is made up of individuals from various backgrounds, industries, and countries, which has enriched my learning experience by exposing me to a wide range of perspectives and ideas. This diversity has led to stimulating discussions in the classroom and has helped me gain a more comprehensive understanding of what finance industry means at different parts of the world to different people. These interactions have not only expanded my knowledge but have also allowed me to form deep connections with my peers. Through working on projects, participating in group activities, and engaging in meaningful conversations, I have been able to forge lasting relationships with fellow Rotman community members. students. These connections, I believe, will prove invaluable as we continue to support each other throughout our careers. 

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