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Our lab is enhancing the study and practice of management analytics at Rotman by providing state-of-the-art computing and programming support to students and faculty.

Consultation services

  • Our team offers consultation on software and hardware solutions for big data storage and processing to meet teaching, learning, and research objectives
  • If you are encountering programming issues our team is here to advise you on techniques and tools available to speed up data manipulation and analysis processes
  • Support the use of Rotman Analytics Cluster
  • Provide help desk support for inquiries on data collections and data management
  • For researchers who need data storage and computing capacity beyond their personal computers, please contact TD MDAL for a consultation

Data storage and computing capacity

Our experienced staff are available to assist you in finding a suitable computing platform. If you have modest computational needs, our team will set up an account for you on the Rotman Research Node (RRN). If you need to run large compute-intensive jobs, we can help you get started with one of the high performance computing systems sponsored through Compute Canada, or we may guide you to build a personalized computing environment on a Rotman IT platform or at a Cloud service provider.

Rotman Research Node (RRN)

Rotman Research Node (RRN) is a shared Linux server for the Rotman research community. The node is equipped with 32 cores, 1T memory, and 50T storage. It is an integrated part (login node) of a High-Performance Computing (HPC) system consisting of a cluster of around 100 compute nodes. Researchers can work directly on the Rotman node, but also has the option to scale up their computation by submitting large workloads to the compute nodes on the HPC system. Currently, default Rotman users have access to 8 compute nodes via a “standard” partition (a partition is a logical set of compute nodes). Each compute node has 24 CPUs and 240G memory. These compute nodes are also shared by researchers from another university. 

Digital Research Alliance of Canada

Digital Research Alliance of Canada enables Canadian researchers to perform world-class research using Advanced Research Computing strategies. It operates several High-Performance Computing (HPC) centers across Canada. Accessing to these HPC resources are free for all Canadian researchers and their collaborators. Rotman users who have advanced computing needs can start with the Niagara Cluster at SciNet. SciNet is one of the Digital Research Alliance of Canada HPC centers located at University of Toronto.