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Rotman on Design: The Best on Design Thinking from Rotman Magazine

Edited by Roger Martin and Karen Christensen

Rotman on Design
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This collection features Rotman Management’s best articles on design thinking and business design. Insights are drawn from the people on the frontlines of bringing design into modern organizations, as well as from the leading academics who are teaching design thinking to a new generation of global leaders.

Rotman on Design is divided into three sections, each of which features an all-new introduction by a prominent thought leader. The selections cover a variety of practical topics, focusing on why design methodologies are so important today and how they can be introduced into organizations that have never before considered design thinking. They also illustrate the particular skills that promote great design – whether it be of a new business plan, a user experience, a health care system, or an economic policy. Together, the articles in this collection will help managers to thrive and prepare for future challenges.

Anyone who is interested in fostering creativity and innovation in their organization will benefit from this engaging book.

 © 2013 University of Toronto Press  |  ISBN 978-1-4426-1620-2  |  Paperback, 264 pages


“There are still some who believe that design is just about making things, people, and places pretty. In truth, one of design’s most fundamental tasks is to help people deal with change. Consequently, design is increasingly important and will become a necessary component of everybody’s education. The Rotman School is among those leading the way.”
- Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator, Architecture and Design, and Director, Research and Development, The Museum of Modern Art

“Design thinking has unlocked the creative potential of leading organizations around the world. The stories in Rotman on Design will inspire innovators everywhere.”
- David Kelley, Founder of IDEO and the Stanford

“This is the most extraordinary collection of essays on Design and Design Thinking that I have ever seen. Including contributions by the most insightful leaders in the field, it is a powerfully useful book that everyone in search of more innovation and creativity must have.”
- Bruce Nussbaum, Professor of Innovation and Design, Parsons The New School of Design, and Founder, Bloomberg Businessweek’s Innovation & Design channel and IN: Inside Innovation supplement

Rotman on Design is the ultimate collection of contemporary ideas about design and business. If you want a broad view of how design is changing how companies work, this is it.”
- Patrick Whitney, Dean and Steelcase/Robert C. Pew Professor, Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology