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Leading thinkers from academia, business, consulting, and design give us their input on a key aspect of each issue's theme.

Heather Chalmers

Questions for Heather Chalmers

A CEO and Rotman alumna talks about the business challenges caused by COVID-19 and how to re-frame them as opportunities.

Mark Britnell

Questions for Mark Britnell

A thought leader discusses the new world of healthcare that is emerging as a result of the global pandemic.


How Business Leaders Can Tackle Racism

Lawyer and community activist, Anthony Morgan, on making Black lives matter in corporate Canada.


11 Sources of Disruption

A quantitative futurist advises leaders to pay attention to 11 sources of disruption.


How To ‘Build Back Better’ after COVID-19

Rotman Professor Sarah Kaplan explains how in the midst of the pandemic companies need to redesign, reorient, and realign.


Solving Problems Before They Start

The author of four New York Times bestsellers describes how ‘upstream thinking’ allows you to solve problems before they happen.

The Conscientious Investor

A behavioural finance and innovation strategy expert explains the key findings of TD’s latest study on wealth personalities.


The Timeless Power of Social Norms

Interview with Kristen Duke, Professor of Marketing, Rotman School of Management


How to be Indistractable

Best-selling author and behavioural design expert, Nir Eyal, describes the pervasive state of distraction that plagues people today.

Embracing AI in Financial Services

RBC's Chief Science Officer, Dr. Foteini Agrafioti, talks AI, bias, and 'explainability'.

Bringing Quantum to the People

An interview with Peter Wittek, Founding Academic Director, CDL Quantum Stream, Creative Destruction Lab

How AI Amplifies Human Competencies

A machine learning veteran describes the quest for ‘inclusive intelligence'.


Networking: What Leaders Need to Know

An interview with Rotman Professor Tiziana Casciaro on the importance of setting up pathways to facilitate network access.


How to Become a More Strategic Leader

A Facebook executive shares her definition of strategic leadership.


The Psychology of Influence

Having influence demands that you put yourself in other people's shoes.


How to Deal With 'CAVE People' — Citizens Against Virtually Everything

An expert on diversity and inclusion explains how to deal with 'CAVE people'.


Why it Pays to Break the Rules

The more frequently people experience novelty in their work, the more they will feel satisfied with and energized by their job.


Harnessing the Power of Disruption

Pursuing new business opportunities does not have to come at the expense of your legacy business.


How To Unleash Innovation

A marketing expert and author describes the approach to innovation that many large corporations are embracing.


The Big Lies of Strategy

You don’t need a 100-page strategic plan. Strategy is actually about making five specific choices.


How Top Performers Achieve More

A UC Berkeley Professor and author describes the route to greatness at work.


The Power of 'Onlyness': Questions for Nilofer Merchant

A former Apple executive and Thinkers50 'Future Thinker' describes the power of 'onlyness' in a world desperate for creative solutions.


Robo Advising 101

Rotman School Professor Eric Kirzner on the pros and cons of Robo Advisors


Structured Anticipation: How to Anticipate Strategic Threats to Survival

Faculty Focus: Sarah Kaplan + Joshua Gans, Profs. of Strategic Management, Rotman School of Management


A Third Way to Innovation

A Wharton School innovation expert describes a Third Way to innovation that opens new doors to growth.


The Politics of Inequality

Faculty Focus: Daniel Trefler, Economist, Rotman School of Management


Removing Workplace Biases with Behavioural Design

Q&A with Iris Bohnet, Harvard Kennedy School Professor


Bing Han | on our fear of the unknown

Rotman Professor Bing Han discusses our fear of the unknown in capital markets.


Eric Almquist | A twist on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

The head of Bain's Advanced Analytics practice describes 30 elements of value.


Claire Celerier | on finance salaries and inequality

Rotman Professor Claire Celerier discusses finance salaries and inequality.


Jesse Sostrin | on your ‘margin of power’

A leadership expert and author talks about closing the gap between managerial capacity and increasing demands.