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November 22, 2023 - WRDS Access


Please note that WRDS account access is approved by admins, not technology, and only during business hours, Monday - Friday, excluding holidays. It requires authentication steps that can only be done on campus, and is not possible for us to do on evenings or weekends. Sign up for your account as soon as you know you need access. 


May 2023 - New Database: PitchBook


Please see this page for access information. Downloads are limited. 


November 21, 2022: WRDS Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) by Duo Security

From November 28th, 2022, you can only access the WRDS web login using WRDS DUO 2FA. We encourage all users to review the WRDS 2FA documentation & FAQ for detailed instructions and answers to common questions. Click Here to access the WRDS DUO 2FA guide.

Recent Industry or Market Research Reports Available through Subscription Sources

Consumer Insights on Work-From-Home Habits, Packaged Facts, September 2022. Source:

Gen Z and Payments: The Next Big Cohort Is Here, Packaged Facts, July 2022. Source:

Coronavirus: impact on the retail landscape in Canada, March 2022. Source: Statista. 

Global Housing Market, 2022. Source: Statista. 

New Books (in Print!) April 8, 2022

Ace the data science interview : 201 real interview questions asked by FAANG, tech startups, & Wall Street by Kevin Huo and Nick Singh.

Case in Point, 11th Edition by Marc Cosentino

Business Design Thinking and Doing by Professor Angèle Beausoleil. 


Collections Highlight: Michael Bliss Collection - "Tour of Toronto" Titles

January 31, 2022

List compiled by Cassidy Kohut. 

These titles are for in-library use only but often are available for loan from other libraries. Check the catalogue record to confirm. 

Corelli, Rae. The Toronto That Used to Be MB.F.5547.T66.C6.1964.C.1
Gillen, Mollie.The Masseys MB.CS.90.M38.1965 Massey Hall
Bata, Thomas J. Bata: Shoemaker to the World.MB.HD.9787.C22.B38.1990 Bata Shoe Museum
Nasmith, George Gallie. Timothy Eaton MB.HF.5465.C24.E34.1923 Eaton Shopping Centre
Van Hasselt, Caroline. High Wire Act MB.TK.5243.R6.H38.2007 Rogers Centre, Ted Rogers St.
Fisher, Sidney T. The Merchant-Millers of the Humber Valley: a Study of the Early Economy of Canada. MB.HC.117.O5.F58.1985 Fisher Rare Books Library
Innis, Harold A.  Essays in Canadian Economic History MB.HC.113.I49.1965 Innis College
Braddon, Russell. Roy Thomson of Fleet Street MB.Z.483.4.T6.B7.1965 Roy Thomson Hall
Thomson, Roy Herbert. After I Was Sixty MB.PN.4913.T45.A32.1975.C.2 Roy Thomson Hall

November 2021

Passport GMID has updated its platform. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask library staff. They have videos on the database to show some of the changes; unfortunately the videos are pop-ups and can not be linked externally. 

We are currently unable to purchase print books unless a faculty member requests it. We can purchase ebooks to add to the collection. Please contact Holly Inglis with any requests.