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BI Org Partnership

About the Behaviourally Informed Organizations (BI Org) Partnership

Every organization is fundamentally in the business of behaviour change.

Our Challenge

Our key challenge is to develop an overarching framework for using behavioural science. We ask; how can behavioural insights (BI) best be embedded in organizations to achieve better outcomes, improve the efficiency of processes, and maximize stakeholder engagement? Our team brings together researchers from 24 universities and 3 non-academic organizations, and 20 partner organizations that include government units, for-profit entities, consulting firms, consumer groups, and academic centres.

The proposed partnership comes at a potentially transformative time for the field – BI has developed expertise in large-scale field experimentation and big-data analytics. Governments and businesses have been attracted to BI with its promise of developing human-centricity and efficient solutions, and a recent Nobel Prize in Economics to Richard Thaler (a key proponent of applied BI) has captures the imagination and spurred interest. The partnership approach allows us to build theory based on practical problems, and to test and refine them in field settings that have practical implications for our partners, for society, and for knowledge development.


Visit the BI Org Partnership webpage to view our latest research projects, reports, academic papers, and collaborations!


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