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Our Research

BEAR’s core faculty and associated researchers offer a unique behavioural lens on relevant challenges faced by organizations. We conduct leading edge academic research in areas ranging from financial literacy and online privacy to process optimization, and publish our findings in peer-reviewed academic journals as well as white papers and reports that are geared towards the practitioner.

Our publications cover topics including:

  • Consumer Finance
  • Fraud & Corruption
  • Financial Literacy & well-Being
  • Online Privacy
  • Process Optimization

BEAR develops How-To Guides on applying insights from behavioural economics research to practice. For instance, our key publication, A Practitioner’s Guide to Nudging, is used by managers, practitioners, and academic institutions world-wide to develop effective “nudges”.

When publishing the results of any research for which funding or data is supplied by our partners, the source or sources of funding and data will be provided in the publication.

BEAR also engages with students in the Rotman MBA and Commerce programs to work on exciting projects in collaboration with partnering organizations. Student research activities include reviewing literature, conducting field research, leading workshops with experts and practitioners, writing white papers and reports, and designing interventions.