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About Us

Established in 1998, The Capital Markets Institute (CMI) exists as an independent body of academics, practitioners and industry leaders focused on the following:


To foster the efficiency and resilience of Canadian capital markets for both firms and investors, so that firms can raise capital at low costs, while investors can access competitive investment opportunities and adequately assess their risks.


To be a catalyst for increasing the efficiency and resilience of Canadian capital markets as a leading independent discussion forum rooted in rigorous, evidence-based research:

  • to ensure knowledge exchange among leading international experts;
  • to deepen our understanding of market developments and frictions that affect the efficiency of Canadian capital markets;
  • to explore opportunities for improvement through private actions and regulatory reforms, informed by global practices.


We will draw from a pool of talent with deep knowledge and expertise in capital markets:

    • a leadership team with expertise in financial markets and the relevant legal and regulatory regimes;
    • a network of affiliates from the greater U of T academic community including Rotman faculty who have demonstrated excellence in governance, risk management, and wealth management;
    • a formal connection to the Rotman FinHub and their associated scholars to ensure that CMI regularly considers changes in financial sector technologies that have the possibility of affecting capital markets;
    • the University of Toronto’s deep alumni network whose members are actively involved in all facets of capital markets;
    • relationships with influential capital markets institutions and regulatory agencies; and,
    • CMI advisory board and sponsors.

We will sponsor a mixture of events and activities at the U of T, leveraging its convening power:

  • some events will focus around an academic paper on a relevant topic, including research sponsored by the CMI;
  • Other events will focus on current issues affecting capital markets.