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Risk Management and Financial Innovation Conference

The conference was held from March 8 to 10 in 2019 at Mt. Tremblant, Quebec.

This conference, in memory Professor Peter Christoffersen, our friend and colleague, who passed in June 2018, to brought together leading researchers from all areas of risk management and financial innovation as well as industry practitioners.

Gala Dinner

"Remembering Peter Christoffersen"

Paper Presentations

1. Carrot or stick? Evidence from a pair of natural field experiments testing lender information sharing hypotheses

Li Liao (Tsinghua), Xiumin Martin (Washington University in St. Louis), Ni Wang (Quant Group), Zhengwei Wang (Tsinghua), Jun Yang (Indiana)
Discussant: Pascal Francois (HEC Montreal)

2. Extrapolation and Complexity

Donghwa Shin (Princeton)
Discussant: Neil Pearson (Illinois, Gies College of Business)

3. The Price of Extreme Weather Uncertainty: Evidence from Hurricanes

Mathias S. Kruttli (Federal Reserve Board of Governors), Brigitte Roth Tran (Federal Reserve Board of Governors), and Sumudu W. Watugala (Cornell)
Discussant: Aurelio Vasquez (ITAM)

4. Bank Market Power and Monetary Policy Transmission: Evidence from a Structural Estimation

Yifei Wang (Michigan, Ross), Toni M. Whited (Michigan, Ross), Yufeng Wu (Illinois, Gies College of Business), and Kairong Xiao (Columbia)
Discussant: Harjoat S. Bhamra (Imperial College - London)

5. Unintended Consequences of Post-crisis Liquidity Regulation

Suresh Sundaresan (Columbia), Kairong Xiao (Columbia)
Discussant : Ivan Ivanov (Board of Governors, Federal Reserve)

6. Competition, Risk-Taking, and the Demise of Old-School Banking

Emilio Bisetti (HKUST), Stephen A. Karolyi (Carnegie Mellon), Stefan Lewellen (Penn State)
Discussant: Alexander Dyck (University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management)

7. Option Implied Dependence

Carole Bernard (Grenoble School of Management), Oleg Bondarenko (Illinois Chicago) and Steven Vanduļ¬€el (Vrije University Brussel)
Discussant: Torben Andersen (Northwestern, Kellogg)

8. Empirical Asset Pricing via Machine Learning

Shihao Gu (Chicago, Booth), Bryan Kelly (Yale), and Dacheng Xiu (Chicago, Booth)
Discussant: Hugue Langlois (HEC Paris)

9. News as sources of jumps in stock returns: Evidence from 21 million news articles for 9000 companies

Yoontae Jeon (Ryerson), Thomas H. McCurdy (Toronto, Rotman), Xiaofei Zhao (Georgetown, McDonough)
Discussant: Stephen Figlewski (NYU, Stern)

10. Are Tokens Securities: An Anatomy of Initial Coin Offerings

Evgeny Lyandres (Boston University), Dino Palazzo (Federal Reserve Board of Governors), and Daniel Rabetti (LSE)
Discussant: Katya Malinova (McMaster, DeGroote School of Business)

11. Pre-Trade Hedging

Brian J. Henderson (George Washington), Neil D. Pearson (Illinois, Gies College of Business), and Li Wang (Case Western, Weatherhead)
Discussant: Alessio Saretto (Washington University in St. Louis)

12. Do Firms Hedge During Distress?

Heitor Almeida (Illinois, Gies College of Business), Kristine Watson Hankins (University of Kentucky), Ryan Williams (Arizona)
Discussant: Dimitry Murayev (Boston College, Caroll School of Management)