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The Coaching Habit®

Foundations for Coach-Like Curiosity

While well-intentioned, advice has big, unexpected consequences in the workplace. In addition to sometimes being uninformed, biased or misaligned, advice can lead to confusion, wasted time and resources, and interpersonal conflicts. At its worst, advice turns into patterns of micromanagement and overdependence that cause employees to disengage and burn out. Despite all of these risks, advice-giving is still the default in most organizations. There is a better option, a way to slow down the rush to advice through the skill of coach-like curiosity.

Poor communication, disengagement, burnout, micromanagement – many common workplace problems share a root cause: Advice-giving. This well-meaning habit of rushing in with an answer or suggestion leads to overwhelm for some, disempowerment for others and miscommunication and lost time for everyone. 


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Hélène Bellerose, Featured Faculty


Session Facilitator, Box of Crayons

Hélène has dedicated the last 20 years of her professional life to mastering her crafts – facilitation and coaching. Hélène is proud to facilitate and coach in French and in English, and enjoys working with groups large and small. Her work with Box of Crayons takes her across Canada, and to international locations.
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Develop Coach-Like Leaders

Based on the best-selling book, The Coaching Habit, this program starts by helping learners recognize their advice-giving style – what we call the Advice Monster Habit. Then we introduce new questions to get clear, create possibilities and to spark action. When leaders stay curious longer, independent and engaged people emerge and organizations thrive. By the end, learners will:

  • Understand Coach-like Curiosity and how it is different from other ways of being curious 
  • Recognize the Advice Monster Habits and their consequences, including learners identifying their own Advice Monster Habit style and how it impacts their communications and relationships 
  • Learn a new question framework called the Seven Essential Questions and how to use them right away in daily interactions 
  • Discern when and how to use the specific questions – The Three Coach-like Moments – to: 
  • Get Clear about the real challenge 
  • Create Possibilities to tackle the challenge 
  • Spark Action to drive accountability Adopt a new approach, the New Habit Formula, to apply learning to create behaviour change 


Box of Crayons

Box of Crayons is a Toronto-based learning and development company. We are here to unleash the power of curiosity. We do this by partnering with large, global organizations to offer transformative learning experiences that help workplaces change from advice-driven to curiosity-led in straightforward, simple and pragmatic ways. To learn more, visit .

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