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Rotman Management has always been one of the best and most thoughtful reads in the world… Rotman rocks. I read every business publication out there. No one digs as deep as Rotman.” 
- David Sawyer, Founding Partner, Converge, President, Context

“How did I miss your publication before? It is so good. Much better than HBR!”
- Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Chief Talent Scientist, ManpowerGroup; Professor of Business Psychology, University College London and Columbia University; Associate - Entrepreneurial Finance Lab, Harvard University; Author

"[The Behavioural Issue is] packed with fresh insights into behaviour change. Mind candy!"
-Leslie John, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

"One of the best magazines I’ve ever read."
-Deepak Bhatt, Indian Institute of Management

"Read cover to cover: Rotman Management, Fall 2016, ‘The Disruptive Issue’. Superb. [Rotman School of Mgt/Univ of Toronto]. Put aside a day!"
Tom Peters, author, In Search of Excellence; McKinsey & Co. (1974-1981); Thinkers50 Hall of Fame; Stanford PhD

“It’s time for a shout-out to [a] North American publication that keeps getting better. That’s Rotman Management, published by the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto."
-Helen Trinca, Managing Editor, The Australian

"I love reading [Rotman Management]. It just gets better with every issue."
John Kelleher, Partner, McKinsey & Company

"I underlined or highlighted more excerpts than I have in any magazine in the last year.  [Rotman Management] was rich; it was informative; it was terrific. "
-Brad Doan, VP, Brand Communications, Steelcase Inc.

“Something magical happens when brilliant minds from a range of fields share the pages of a single publication. That’s the beauty of Rotman Management.
- Roger Martin, Ranked #7 by the Thinkers50; Best-selling author of Playing to Win and The Opposable Mind

"Rotman Management takes the next step in providing leadership news and business insights in a useful, actionable format. It so happens that many of those new models or insights are contributed by Rotman faculty. This is a great way to position the Rotman School of Management on an international stage."
- Aurelie Thiele, Engineered blog (Read the full blog post)

"Rotman Management, in my opinion, puts HBR, [MIT] Sloan, strategy+business et al to shame when it comes to highly readable, engaging, provocative thinking and writing."
- Matthew E. May, innovation consultant, lean expert and author, The Laws of Subtraction: 6 Simple Rules for Winning in the Age of Excess Everything

"In my business, I provide coaching and mentor about 50+ organizations. I have found the magazine a key resource to stimulate my thinking and provide me with ways to help keep the organizations moving ahead."
- Scott Smith, Subscriber, Kitchener Ontario

"I do so many talks and seminars that having a great resource such as Rotman Management helps me stay closer to the leading edge. Great stuff and much appreciated in Oxford and London!"
- John F. Kennedy, Wildbore & Gibbons LLP, UK

"Thank you for existing, @RotmanMgmtMag. You are, by far, the highest quality and boldest business publication that I've found."
- Caleb Dean, @CalebCreates, on Twitter

"It is rare to see such a high-quality management magazine that is also immensely reader-friendly.”
- Neelima Mahajan, Principal Business Correspondant, Forbes India

"Rotman Management consistently delivers some of the most fun and interesting business writing out there. Check it out!"
- Dev Patnaik, Jump Associates, on his Wired To Care Blog

"I have learned a great deal [from Rotman Management] and hope to implement some positive enhancements at every scale in my business and life."
- John F. Kennedy, Wildbore & Gibbons LLP, UK

"Rotman Management is a phenomenal publication if you’re a fan of edgy and unconventional wisdom."
- Matthew E. May, innovation consultant, lean expert and author, The Laws of Subtraction: 6 Simple Rules for Winning in the Age of Excess Everything

"[Rotman Management] tackles real ideas with a verve and style that I have not encountered anywhere else."
- Peter Day, BBC Radio Presenter, "In Business" and "Global Business"

"If you subscribe to a management magazine – let it be this one. Always packed with food for thought."
- Kenneth Mikkelsen, @LeadershipABC, on Twitter

"I'm tremendously thankful to Rotman Management magazine for such outstanding, thought-provoking articles. Much needed nourishment, always."
- Kevin J. Ruth, Exec. Director, European Council of International Schools

"Rotman Management is insightful and thought-provoking – what other 'leading' journals used to be."
- Adrian Slywotzky, Consultant and author of Demand: Creating What People Love Before They Know They Want It 

"[I] have been marveling at the scope and reporting depth. This is exceptionally well done."
- Bob Schmidt, Manager, Brandes Institute (San Diego)

"You are doing something really right with Rotman, exciting people's imaginations and getting them into business issues discussions; that is priceless. Reading Rotman Management really does make me feel like we can make the world a better place."
- Michail Fostiropoulos, Subscriber and Professor, Athens University of Economics and Business

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