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MBA Emphases and Learning Pathways

Deepen your knowledge and focus your career path

The Rotman School has strengths across a wide range expertise and functional areas. You may choose to focus in your career path by choosing up to two emphases, or deepen your knowledge across many different learning pathways with over 100 elective courses.


Understanding customers and delivering what they want, when they want it, at a price they want to pay is the key to effective marketing. This requires you to analyze both hard numbers and qualitative information, to understand the reasons behind customer behaviour, and to develop strategy based on this analysis and insight.


The best consultants combine intellectual horsepower with natural people skills. At Rotman, the academic and industry expertise of our strategic management faculty will help you develop quantitative and qualitative tools to excel in your consulting career.


Learn to analyze and make business decisions based on financial information. Leverage the teaching and research excellence of Rotman’s faculty, recognized among the Global Top Ten for finance and research.


A career in Finance may involve structuring and executing complex equity and debt capital transactions for companies, or managing funds and other assets for investors. While competition for these positions can be tough, the profession remains a highly attractive career path for MBA graduates.

Global Management

International markets offer valuable opportunities for business expansion and growth. Learn the skills you need to compete effectively in the global economy.

Health Sector Management

Develop the expertise you’ll need to pursue a career in this vital and growing sector with unique management challenges.

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business Design

Learn the skills you need to excel as an innovator. As the world of business continues to evolve and the rate of change accelerates, managers and entrepreneurs need to develop a strategic mindset and design toolset to tackle complex challenges, navigate uncertainty, drive growth, and manage change.


The world of work is rapidly changing. Organizations that adapt quickest create a competitive advantage for themselves, while those that resist change will be left behind.

Data Analytics and Modeling

Master the analytical skills that are in high demand across every managerial discipline: marketing, strategic consulting, finance, healthcare and many others.

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Become a leader at the centre of service and manufacturing organizations: measuring, predicting, modeling, and improving processes, understanding trade-offs and optimization.

Real Estate

Get the knowledge and skills you'll need to excel as a professional in the real estate industry.

FinTech and Financial Engineering

The demand for professionals who have both quantitative skills and an understanding of the risk management environment in which decisions are made has never been higher. Get access to a wealth of career opportunities in this exciting field.

Sustainability and Society

The need for the positive impact of business on our society and environment has never been more important. Lead the change by developing innovative solutions for social impact, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability issues.