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MBA Emphases and Learning Pathways

Chart your career path

At Rotman you may specialize by choosing to focus on an emphasis (similar to majors or specializations) or enhance your generalist perspective by taking courses among different learning pathways. While renowned for our strengths in Strategy and Finance, the Rotman School has strengths in a number of functional areas, reflected in the choice of elective courses.

Brand Management

The key to effective marketing is understanding customers and delivering what they want, when they want it, at a price they want to pay. This requires you to analyze both hard numbers and qualitative information, to understand the reasons behind customer behaviour, and to develop strategy based on this analysis and insight.

Business Design

Designing the next generation of business leaders. As the world of business continues to evolve and accelerate, managers need a strategic mindset and design toolset to tackle complex challenges, navigate uncertainty and manage change.


The best consultants combine intellectual horsepower with natural people skills. At Rotman, the academic and industry expertise of our strategic management faculty will help you develop quantitative and qualitative tools to excel in your consulting career.

Financial Reporting and Analysis

Learn to analyze and make business decisions based on financial information. Located just blocks away from North America’s third largest financial centre, Rotman is the ideal place to build your finance career. The major in financial reporting and analysis leverages the teaching and research strengths of Rotman's faculty, recognized among the global top ten for finance and research.

Funds Management

Because many investors prefer to leave their money in the hands of an expert, the fund manager plays an important role in the investing world. A skilled funds manager can significantly boost the returns of a portfolio.

General MBA

The Rotman MBA is a master key that opens many doors as it prepares you for positions that require the ability to manage across many functional business areas.

Global Management

The international markets offer valuable opportunities for business expansion and growth. If you're an aspiring manager or entrepreneur, learn the knowledge and skills you need to compete effectively in a global economy.

Health Sector Management

Healthcare in Canada is a $200B sector and Canada’s largest employer. It's a growing sector with unique management challenges. The Major in Health Sector Management provides you with the expertise to pursue a career in this vital sector.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

MBA graduates are increasingly drawn to vital roles on startup and venture capital teams, and the Major in Innovation and Entrepreneurship aims to give them the tools they need to enter this exciting sector.

Investment Banking

An investment banking career involves raising equity and debt capital for companies. While competition for these positions can be tough, the profession remains a highly-attractive option for MBA graduates. Located just blocks away from North America's third largest financial centre, Rotman is the ideal place to build your career in this rapidly-growing field.

Leadership and Change Management

Owing to globalization and advances in technology, the world of work is rapidly changing. Organizations that adapt quickest create a competitive advantage for themselves, while those that resist change are left behind. The Leadership and Change Management Major positions you to learn how to take advantage of a rapidly-evolving business environment.

Management Analytics

Learn the high-level analytical skills that are in high demand in a wide spectrum of managerial disciplines, including marketing, strategic consulting, finance, health care and many others.

Process and Supply Chain Management

Effective processes and supply chains lie at the heart of value creation. The major teaches the skills you need to be a leader at the centre of service and manufacturing organizations. You will learn skills in measuring, predicting, modeling, and improving processes. You will learn skills in making trade-offs and optimizing. And you will learn skills in leadership.

Real Estate

Real estate helps drive the local and national economy. Gain the knowledge and adaptability you need to excel in high-level professional and managerial careers in the industry.

Risk Management and Financial Engineering

Since the financial crisis of 2007-2009, there has been a high demand for professionals who have both quantitative skills and an understanding of the risk management environment in which decisions are made. The Risk Management and Financial Engineering major provides you access to a wealth of career opportunities in this exciting field.

Social Impact and Sustainability

The potential for the positive impact of business on our society and environment has never been more important. Rotman offers a range of ways to explore social impact, including a corporate sustainability major.