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The Disrupted Issue

In the past 18 months, we have all been disrupted to some degree by the COVID-19 pandemic. But disruption is a shape-shifter that can take many forms. It can mean changing the face of an organization to reflect the society it serves; creating a product that has minimal impact on the environment; or switching your mindset by 180 degrees from where it started out.


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From the Editor

In the past 18 months, we have all been disrupted to some degree by the COVID-19 pandemic. But disruption is a shape-shifter that can take many forms. It can mean changing the face of an organization to reflect the society it serves...

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Thought Leader Interview with Gillian Hadfield

Interview by Karen Christensen

The inaugural Schwartz Reisman Chair in Technology and Society at the University of Toronto discusses the alignment challenge for AI—and how her Institute is tackling it.

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An Equity Lens on Artificial Intelligence

By Carmina Ravanera and Sarah Kaplan

Business leaders, policymakers and researchers must work together to prevent the reinforcement of inequality through technology.

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Disruption Personified: The Katie Dudtschak Story

Interview by Tanya Ott

Disruption in some form has hit every industry — and individual. Some embrace it, while others hide from it. But a select few actually personify it.

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Scaling a Business Globally: An Integrative Approach

By Becky Reuber, Esther Tippmann and Sinéad Monaghan

Scaling a business globally embodies tensions between growth and control, stability and change, and replication and adaptation. Mastering these tensions demands an integrative approach.

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The Road to Recovery: Racialized Communities and COVID-19

By Walid Hejazi

Amidst the pandemic, communities, businesses and governments have rallied to ensure the safety of citizens. Making this ‘capacity to care’ stick demands addressing the inequities present in our system.

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Emerging From COVID-19: Canada’s Opportunity

By Blair Sheppard and Kai Lakhdar

By embracing four principles, Canada will position itself to become a force for positive change in the world.

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Decoding CEO-Speak in a Time of Crisis

By Russell Craig and Joel Amernic

CEO-speak is never innocent. CEOs must be held accountable for their words, particularly in a time of crisis.

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The Imagination Machine

By Martin Reeves and Jack Fuller

Before your imagination can be harnessed, it must be triggered. Strengthening your capacity to see, comprehend and interpret surprises will set you on the path.

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The Purpose Paradigm:

By Anita M. McGahan

Mission and vision statements have been around forever, but duty-based purpose—anchored in explicit values—has become critical for a business to thrive.

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Life, Reimagined

By Gregor Barry

Global consumers are ready to abandon brands that don’t support their reimagined values — and spend more on those that do.

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Sustainable Business Model Innovation

By David Young and Marine Gerard

Companies like 3M, BASF and PepsiCo prove that it is possible to create social and business value in one business model.

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Leading in a Disruptive Age

By Sarah Green Carmichael

Leadership and professional development expert Herminia Ibarra discusses the skills and mindset required for leaders to thrive in the post-pandemic world.

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Six Innovation Strategies

By Efosa Ojomo and Lincoln Wilcox

Vast ‘non-consumption’ exists for a myriad of products and services, signalling widespread opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors and corporations alike.

Idea Exchange

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How to Disrupt Yourself

QUESTIONS FOR: Whitney Johnson
Author, Disrupt Yourself and Smart Growth
Interview by Karen Christensen

A former award-winning Wall Street analyst and disruptive innovation expert describes how to disrupt yourself.

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The Net Positive Company

Former CEO of Unilever and Co-author, Net Positive
Interview by Karen Christensen

The man the FT called “The standout CEO of the past decade” shares insights for becoming ‘net positive’.

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