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The Future-Proof Issue

As the world recovers from COVID-19, massive changes are afoot—and not all of them are pleasant. Society is polarized and divided. Our relationships with institutions and the truth are changing. The economy is constantly fluctuating. And our environment is suffering. The good news is that there are things you can do today that will make a huge difference to what happens to your organization tomorrow.


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From the Editor

As the world recovers from COVID-19, massive changes are afoot — and not all of them are pleasant. Society is polarized and divided. The economy is constantly fluctuating. And our environment is suffering....

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Navigating the Metaverse: What Leaders Need to Know

by Cathy Hackl, Dirk Lueth and Tommaso Di Bartolo

The metaverse is the culmination of Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and growing digital-first consumerism. And early adopters will gain an advantage that lasts.

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Leadership Forum: Lessons That Stand the Test of Time

Compiled by Karen Christensen

Eight of Canada’s top executives took part in the Rotman CEO Speaker Series this past spring. The eight were among 29 leaders featured in Unprecedented: Canada’s Top CEOs on Leadership During COVID-19, compiled by Steve Mayer (Rotman Commerce ‘91) and Andrew Willis. Following are some highlights from the series.

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Creating Value in the Care Economy

by Laura Lam, Carmina Ravanera and Sarah Kaplan

The pandemic has forced society to recognize that care work is inextricably linked to social and economic outcomes. Prioritizing it will help us all in future crises.

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Redesigning the World

An Interview with Sam Pitroda by Partha Mohanram

Our current world order was designed 75 years ago, after World War II. The time has come for a new paradigm.

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Behavioural Science in the Wild: The Digital Nudge

by Michael Sobolev

Consumer choice, healthy behaviour and workplace productivity are just three areas where Behavioural Science and technology can combine to powerfully influence behaviour.

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Is Your Organization Future-Ready?

by Aaron de Smet, Chris Gagnon and Elizabeth Mygatt

Leaders must seize this unique ‘unfreezing’ opportunity to create new systems and modes of working that are more flexible, resilient — and ultimately, more human.

Pay-Per-View Articles

Since 2009, Harvard Business Review has been selling some of the feature articles from each issue of Rotman Management at These sales bring in revenue to support the Rotman School's innovative programs, student services and scholarships.

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Thought Leader Interview: Lynda Gratton

Interview by Karen Christensen

A future-of-work expert describes how workplace norms have been ‘unfrozen’ by the pandemic — and why they will never be the same.

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Power and Prediction: The Anti-Discrimination Opportunity

by Ajay Agrawal, Joshua Gans and Avi Goldfarb

AI system solutions have the potential to reduce discrimination across domains, from healthcare to banking.

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The Future Today: Tech Trends Every Leader Should Know About

by Amy Webb

Leaders must examine the potential near and long-term impact on their business of tech trends from wearables to data ownership and digital personas.

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Leadership and The Illusion of Control

by David Zweig

COVID-19 blew up everything we thought we knew about work. Leaders now have an opportunity to reset and shape their culture for the better.

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Building Value That Lasts: A Playbook

by Kent Kaufield and Stephanie Prior

Failing to meet investors’ expectations on ESG priorities puts you at risk of losing access to your customer base — and the very ability to operate.

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Achieving Net-Zero Emissions: Are Banks Walking the Talk?

by Fred Isleib and Omar Soliman

Banks have acknowledged the critical role they play in the pace of decarbonization. Yet many are moving slowly.

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Getting Engaged: Guidelines for Social Media Platforms

by Becky Reuber and Eileen Fischer

Value is created on social media by autonomous individuals who are only loosely bound to it — and as a result, it requires thoughtful oversight.

Idea Exchange

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Investing as a Social Activity

TSX Chair in Capital Markets, Rotman School of Management
Interview by Karen Christensen

How heuristics and biases in social interactions promote the adoption of personal investing decisions.

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Why Influence is Your Superpower

Professor, Yale School of Management and Author, Influence is Your Superpower
Interview by Karen Christensen

An influence expert describes how to get more of it — and how to avoid its dark side.

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